Looking for Qortal Minting Sponsorship?

Thank you for your interest in Qortal. If you have arrived at this page because you are interested in Sponsorship to become a Minter, you can enter your details below to express your interest.

Before you fill in your details, here are some things you should know.

  1. Do not request sponsorship here if you are incapable of or unwilling to speak IN VOICE with a representative in the Discord voice channel.  Qortal is a social program.
  2. This page is built specifically to induct people that can participate in vocal communication.
  3. It is highly suggested that you familiarize yourself with Qortal, it's functionality and community.  Click HERE to go to the wiki

Steps to follow

Visit qortal.org to install both the Core AND the User Interface.  Wait for the core to sync.

Complete the form below, once your core is synced.

Join the Qortal Discord "Welcome" channel HERE and follow the instructions onscreen to be granted speaking privileges.

Enter the "Qortalk" voice channel.

Speak with "Yopilax" or any Qortal representative available in the voice channel or message "Yopilax" directly if they are unavailable.

Qortalk is an English speaking Channel.

Once your request is received you will be added to a waiting list, pending voice communication with a representative in the Discord voice channel "Qortalk".
  Please note that no sponsorships will result from this form if you do not speak in voice with a representative.

Sponsorship Request

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